Rohan Harita
Tathawade, Pune

1,2,3 & 4 BHK
Rs. 48 Lakhs * - 2.1 Cr*
Size : 443 - 1740 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
1 BHK Phase 1, Wing C,D,E,F 4 41.16 On Request 443 0.000 48 Lakhs*Onwards
2 BHK Phase 1, Wing C,D,E,F 4 66.24 On Request 713 0.000 79 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK Phase 1, Wing C,D,E,F 4 102.75 On Request 1106 0.000 1.25 Cr*Onwards
3 BHK Luxurious Phase 1, Wing C,D,E,F 4 127.37 On Request 1371 0.000 1.64 Cr*Onwards
4 BHK Phase 1, Wing C,D,E,F 4 161.65 On Request 1740 0.000 2.1 Cr*Onwards


Harmony and Tranquility at Rohan Harita: A Symphony of Nature, Luxury, and Sustainable Living

In the vibrant landscape of Tathawade, Pune, Rohan Harita stands as a harmonious retreat—a space where nature, luxury, and the promise of a sustainable future converge seamlessly. This residential haven, developed by Rohan Builders and Developers Pvt Ltd, offers spacious homes that go beyond being just a house; they are dreams realized, a sanctuary away from the urban jungle.

A Symphony of Nature and Luxury in Tathawade, Pune

Rohan Harita, Pune, is more than just a residence; it's a perfectly orchestrated symphony amidst nature. Nestled comfortably amidst lush greenery, this luxurious expanse of residential space provides an unparalleled living experience. It's a dream realized—a retreat away from the hustle and bustle, where the melody of whistling trees and singing birds accompanies the residents.

Architect's Vision: Seamlessly Blending with Nature

The architectural masterpiece of Rohan Harita, Tathawade was conceived with the idea of seamlessly flowing with the surrounding nature. Meticulous planning went into crafting a space that reflects the unique green heritage while preserving existing trees and offering long-range views. This luxurious residential space is not just a dwelling; it's a thoughtful creation that embraces the existing landscaping and creates a retreat for all ages and lifestyles.

Sustainable and Contemporary Living

Rohan Harita, Tathawade, Pune goes beyond traditional residential spaces, offering an environment where residents live in harmony with nature. The height of the project is carefully sculpted to create compositional balance and a meaningful skyline presence. Simplistic, contemporary styles and a slick facade design contribute to making Rohan Harita an exceptional piece of architecture where residents can sing to the tunes of nature.

Landscape at Rohan Harita: A Holistic Outdoor Experience

The landscape at Rohan Harita, Pune, is not just a setting but an experiential journey, striking the right chord with each of your senses. Crafted with specific design goals in mind, the landscape aims to celebrate biodiversity, promote healthy living, establish a sustainable environment, and provide amenities for wellness, creating a community that thrives on collective and individual wellness—mental, emotional, and social.

Celebrate Biodiversity: Respect for Nature's Tapestry

At the heart of nature, Rohan Harita, Tathawade sits, respecting and celebrating biodiversity. The project minimizes the cutting and felling of trees, fostering peaceful coexistence with the flora and fauna. The result is an environment where every breath feels refreshing, thanks to the unpolluted, fresh air that envelops the surroundings.

Healthy Living: Trails, Courts, and Green Spaces

Rohan Harita, Tathawade, Pune encourages a lifestyle of healthy living. Walking and running trails, sports courts, and abundant green spaces provide opportunities for physical activity and clean, fresh air. The environment is carefully crafted to push residents towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Sustainable Environment: Nurturing a Green Culture

The foundation of Rohan Harita, Pune, is rooted in sustainability. Residents are encouraged to produce their own food, recycle water, be mindful of consumption, use renewable energies, and foster a sense of sustainable culture. The project sets the stage for an environment where a conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle is not just encouraged but celebrated.

Amenities for Wellness: Supporting Community and Individual Well-being

Rohan Harita by Rohan Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. boasts a range of amenities and spaces that support community and individual wellness within a forest setting. Badminton and squash courts, cycling and jogging tracks, an extensive gym, and sky facilities with expansive views contribute to an environment that nurtures both physical and mental well-being.

Creating a Community: Spaces for Learning, Interaction, and Celebration

Beyond being a residential space, Rohan Harita by Rohan Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. aims to create a social neighborhood. Safe, comfortable, and inclusive spaces cater to people of all ages and abilities, fostering a sense of community. Rohan Harita, Pune is not just where you live; it's where you sing to the tunes of nature, live your life, and celebrate together.

Conclusion: Your Retreat in the Lap of Nature at Rohan Harita, Tathawade, Pune

In conclusion, Rohan Harita by Rohan Builders and Developers Pvt. Ltd. is more than just a residential project; it's a retreat in the lap of nature. With its harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and community-centric design, Rohan Harita, Tathawade offers a living experience that resonates with the melodies of nature. Your dream home awaits in Tathawade, Pune, where every walk feels like a sensorial surprise and every breath is a celebration of unpolluted freshness.

ABOUT - Rohan Builders

Since its foundation in 1993, Rohan Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd has developed consistently to turn into a critical player in the land, framework, and modern contracting areas. With a committed group of north of 2,000 experts, the organization has changed the country's geology irreversibly, abandoning milestones covering a mind boggling 1.5 crore square feet. CRISIL's continuous DA2+ grade is evidence of Rohan's obligation to conveying projects on time and to the most noteworthy conceivable norm. Whether private, business, or foundation related, each venture embraced by Rohan Builders & Developers Pvt Ltd is recognized by its innovativeness, fastidious tender loving care, and current offices that take special care of the developing requirements and inclinations of knowing clients and endeavors the same. As a functioning member in the Unified Countries Worldwide Minimized, the Gathering stays enduring in its maintainability drives, while likewise being perceived as an Extraordinary Work environment by the regarded GPTW association.






  •  D.Y. Patil International Collage- 3.9 KM
  •  Indira College - 1.7 KM
  • Balaji Law College- 1.3 KM
  •  IIEBM - Indus Business School- 3.1 KM
  • JSPM Institute - 700 Mtr
  •  Akshara International Junior College- 2.7 KM
  • Sayaji Hotel - 3KM
  • Hotel TipTop International - 3.7KM
  •  Vision One Mall- 2KM
  • Phoenix Mall of the Millennium- 3.2KM
  • 18 Latitude Mall- 3.4KM
  •  Elpro City Square Mall - 5.5KM
  •  Decathlon- 2KM


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