M J Opera
Wakad, Pune

Recidential & Commertial Shop
Rs. 64.31 Lakhs * - 3.95 Cr*
Size : 350 - 1241 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
2 BHK Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 75.81 0.00 816 0.000 92.86 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 115.29 On Request 1241 0.000 1.4 Cr*Onwards
Shops Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 62.34 On Request 671 0.000 2.48 Cr*Onwards
Shops Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 46.82 On Request 504 0.000 1.86 Cr*Onwards
Shops Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 70.42 On Request 758 0.000 2.8 Cr*Onwards
Shops Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 32.52 On Request 350 0.000 1.29 Cr*Onwards
Shops Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 44.22 On Request 476 0.000 1.75 Cr*Onwards
Shops Building A, B,C ,Commercial 4 99.22 On Request 1068 0.000 3.95 Cr*Onwards


Harmony in Design and Living at M J Opera Wakad Pune

Experience the symphony of life at MJ Opera, a meticulously crafted residential masterpiece inspired by the collaborative spirit of opera. Rooted in Italian origins, where "opera" translates to "work," this harmonious composition is a collaboration of architecture, amenities, and a vibrant community lifestyle.

Welcome to Wakad: Unveiling Future Prospects

Prime Location: Nestled in Wakad, Pune, a burgeoning educational hub, MJ Opera stands as a beacon of unparalleled future prospects. With proximity to the Mumbai-Pune expressway and neighboring areas like Punawale, Ravet, Hinjawadi, Baner, and Nigdi, this locale offers more than just a home—it provides a strategic lifestyle choice. Its close association with the employment hub of Hinjawadi enhances its desirability.

Step into a World of Better: Architectural Brilliance

Mindful Design: Architecturally curated by Ar. Amit Bhat of AB Architects, MJ Opera boasts exclusive and spacious homes on every floor. The east-west orientation ensures abundant natural light and unparalleled north-south cross-ventilation. High-speed elevators, 3-level security, and power backup amplify the living experience. MJ Opera is a testament to meticulous planning.

A Whole World of Amenities: Elevating Lifestyle

On the Terrace: Marvel at the breathtaking skyline from the rooftop amenities at MJ Opera, offering a tranquil space to rejuvenate. From open spaces to podiums, every amenity is designed to exceed expectations, providing comfort and convenience.

Community Living: Live in harmony with your community at MJ Opera, fostering connections, and creating a vibrant atmosphere. Celebrate life's moments, share stories, and build a lifetime of experiences.

Creative Serenity: Art and Music Retreat

Artistic Retreat: In a world full of chaos, M J Opera Wakad Pune by M J Group provides a haven for creativity and serenity. Rejuvenate your spirit through a therapeutic journey of art and music, finding inspiration in the smallest details.

Unite. Groove. Cherish: Celebrating Life

Social Spaces: Come together to share joy with family and friends, marking extraordinary moments and creating unforgettable memories. Celebrate life at MJ Opera—where unity, groove, and cherished moments converge.

Wellness Oasis: Fitness and Relaxation

Gym and Yoga Area: Breathe in the fresh air as you reenergize in the gym and yoga area, just steps away. Prioritize your health and well-being, uplifting your spirits for a better future.

Fitness Room and Sun Deck: Recover, vitalize, and refresh in dedicated spaces that offer a well-deserved break from hectic daily lives, fostering delight and connection with loved ones.

Retail Therapy: Convenience and Comfort

Commercial Front: MJ Opera brings exceptional stores for all essentials and luxuries, offering a commercial front that is convenient and time-saving for residents. Enjoy joyful shopping experiences with added comfort.

Embrace the symphony of life at MJ Opera, where every note is a celebration of luxury, community, and a harmonious lifestyle. Discover your rhythm and elevate your living experience.

ABOUT - MJ Group
In 2019, the association of two prepared families with broad land experience brought about the lofty Menghrajani and Jethwani bunch - M J Group. With an aggregate foundation spanning more than 10 years our image is established on standards of trust and respectability. Focused on conveying exquisite homes, we focus on values, for example, straightforwardness and local area building. In the dynamic city of Pune M J Group offers sumptuous living open doors. Our vision is to make vast progress by reliably conveying outstanding development and greatness to our clients. We endeavor to identify serious areas of strength for encouraging and trusting through persistent help improvement, lining up with our main goal of focusing on consumer loyalty regardless of anything else. Go along with us at M J Group, where extravagance meets uprightness, and greatness is the norm.






  • Schools:
  • 1. Euro School    2.0 KM
  • 2. Podar International School  2.5 KM
  • 3. Indira National School  3.0 KM
  • 4. Akshara International School  3.0 KM
  • 5. Mercedes Benz International school   3.0 KM


  • Malls:
  • 1. White Square     0.5 KM
  • 2. Upcoming Phoenix Market City  2.5 KM
  • 3. Xion Mall  1.5 KM
  •  4. D-Mart 1.5 KM
  • 5. Grand Highstreet  3.0 KM
  • 6. Spot 18 Mall  3.0 KM


  • Medical Facilities:
  • 1. Surya Hospital   0.3 KM
  • 2. Life Point Hospital  2.0 KM
  • 3. Ruby Hall Clinic  2.0 KM
  • 4. LifeTree Hospital  1.2 KM
  • 5. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital  4.7 KM


  • Hotels:
  • 1. Taj Vivanta  2.0 K
  • 2. Courtyard Marriot  2.0 KM


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