24K Espada
Marunji-Kasarsai Road, Hinjewadi, Pune

4 & 5 BHK
Rs. 2.5 Cr * - 3 Cr*
Size : 1200 - 1300 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
4 BHK Life Republic Sector R31/31st Avenue/24K-Espada 1 111.48 On Request 1200 0.000 2.5 Cr*Onwards
5 BHK Life Republic Sector R31/31st Avenue/24K-Espada 1 120.77 On Request 1300 0.000 3 Cr*Onwards


Unveiling the Allure of 24K Espada in Hinjewadi: A Luxurious Living Experience

Situated in the busy area of Kasarsai-Marunji Road, Hinjewadi, Pune, 24K Espada by Kolte Patil Developers is the height of modern luxury living. Urban residents seeking comfort and convenience may live a vibrant lifestyle, and this residential building meets their needs with its great location and close proximity to the busy Hinjewadi IT Park.

The project, which has the RERA number P52100051876, is expected to be completed in December 2026 and offers an unforgettable experience. Covering a huge 22,880.51 square meter total area over 5.65 acres, the project provides a unique set of 95 well-designed flats all housed in one tower.

The project's excellent architecture is evidence of Kolte Patil Developers' dedication to quality. Every unit shows an excellent combination of thoughtful functionality and modern design, resulting in a fusion of style and functionality.

When quality is controlled, the project shows great potential for investment. When the project is finished, it will likely transform luxury living in Pune and establish new benchmarks for modernity and elegance in home design.

24k Espada Hinjewadi: Location Advantage

Strategically located in the vibrant Kasarsai-Marunji Road area of Hinjewadi, Pune, 24K Espada by Kolte Patil Developers offers residents a home and a lifestyle enriched by its proximity to various essential amenities. The educational landscape surrounding the project includes renowned institutions such as Crimson Anisha Global School, Indira International School, and Mahindra International School, ensuring that families have access to quality education.

There are many entertainment alternatives in the area, including movie franchises like PVR, Carnival Cinemas, and INOX. Residents who are looking for retail can also find leisure time to spend shopping at the neighboring D-Mart, Smart Bazar, and Decathlon.  Universities like NICMAR, Bharti Vidyapith, and DY Patil are all close by the project, adding to the overall educational environment. 

Apollo Clinic, Aditya Birla Hospital, and Sahyadri Hospital are all close by, making it simple for residents to receive medical treatment. Additionally, major IT parks such as TCS, Wipro, and Infosys in the vicinity make 24k Espada Marunji-Kasarsai Road an ideal residential choice for professionals seeking a seamless work-life balance. This well-connected location enhances the overall appeal of the project, making it a desirable destination for modern living in Pune.

Architectural Brilliance 

In architectural brilliance, 24k Espada Hinjewadi Pune is a testament to consistent design excellence and robust research and development. Drawing inspiration from the legendary architect Le Corbusier, the project incorporates the Golden Ratio through the Golden Spiral, a unique design guideline meticulously emulated in all 24K projects. The project's aesthetic appeal and harmonious proportions reflect this commitment to timeless architectural principles. 

Kolte Patil Developers' dedication to design innovation is evident in the 24 principles that guide their design thinking process. These principles, categorized into seven distinct categories, work cohesively to deliver the extraordinary 24K experience. Every element of the architectural design aims to both meet and exceed expectations, bringing the lives of its residents to levels that were never before possible. 24k Espada raises the bar for architectural excellence by carefully combining innovation and tradition to create environments that are above and beyond what is expected.

Amenities and Facilities

24k Espada Marunji-Kasarsai Road Hinjewadi redefines luxurious living through an array of meticulously curated amenities and facilities that cater to its residents' diverse needs and preferences. The entrance gate sets the tone for the grandeur, welcoming residents to a world of luxury. The swimming pool, kids' pool, and jacuzzi offer refreshing aquatic experiences, complemented by sunken seating and feature walls that enhance the visual appeal of the outdoor spaces.

For recreational pursuits, the multipurpose lawn, kids' play area, mounds, and skating rink provide spaces for both relaxation and active pursuits. This project offers gardens for bustling urban landscapes. The park, including a dedicated area for a pet, demonstrates the project's commitment to providing a holistic living experience. The clubhouse stands as a hub for social activities, completing the comprehensive suite of amenities that make 24k Espada Hinjewadi the epitome of modern, upscale living.

Living Spaces - 24K Espada

Luxurious 4 and 5 BHK in Hinjewadi are available at 24k Espada Hinjewadi Pune. It ranges from 1200 to 1300 square feet in size, providing the ideal balance of elegance and space.

Every apartment is a tribute to innovative architecture, excellent finishes, and a dedication to giving residents an unmatched living experience. These apartments at the project, which prioritize both practicality and aesthetic appeal, have the potential to completely transform Hinjewadi, Pune, luxury living and provide its selective residents with a calm and elegant retreat.

Developer Profile - Kolte Patil Developers

The leading NSE and BSE listed real estate firm in Hinjewadi, Pune, Kolte Patil Developers is a model of excellence in its field. With a history spanning more than 30 magnificent years, they have created iconic works in  Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune locales. Their tagline, "Creation, not Construction," sums up their philosophy, which emphasizes a dedication to creating homes and living environments.

With more than 50 finished projects under way and a varied portfolio that includes retail, commercial, and residential buildings, Kolte Patil Developers has produced more than 23 million square feet of building. They are an established company in the real estate industry due to their creative thinking and unwavering dedication to perfection. Their unwavering vision and workmanship are committed to reshaping the urban landscape.

Investment Potential

24k Espada Marunji-Kasarsai Road, Pune, presents a compelling investment opportunity in Pune's thriving real estate market. Located in the sought-after Kasarsai-Marunji Road area, with proximity to major IT parks, the project is poised for substantial appreciation. Pune's robust economic growth and increasing demand for upscale residences enhance the investment potential.

With a developer renowned for quality and innovation, investing in 24k Espada Pune promises a luxurious lifestyle and a sound financial decision. As property values are expected to rise, potential investors can capitalize on the project's strategic location and Kolte Patil Developers' track record of delivering value.

Wrap - up

In conclusion, 24K Espada emerges as the epitome of sophisticated living in Hinjewadi, Pune. With meticulous attention to architectural brilliance, premium amenities, and strategic proximity to key educational, entertainment, and IT hubs, the project offers an unparalleled lifestyle. Kolte Patil Developers' three-decade legacy of crafting quality construction adds a layer of assurance to the investment.

As a manifestation of their motto, "Creation, not Construction," 24k Espada Hinjewadi promises luxurious residences and a holistic living experience. It stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation, elegance, and investment potential in the heart of Pune.

ABOUT - Kolte Patil Developers
Kolte-Patil Developers began around quite a while back with a basic witticism: 'Make, don't simply fabricate.' They're a major name in making homes and workplaces, particularly in Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. They've made north of 50 undertakings covering around 20 million square feet in these cities.We mean to be driving land designers, making projects that guarantee our occupants a future-verification life. At Kolte-Patil Developers, our quest for greatness is obvious in our honors. Kolte-Patil's way of thinking spins around the significant job of human resources development in accomplishing top-quartile execution inside the association. Our complete methodology includes careful onboarding processes, ceaseless advancement drives, and key ability maintenance programs. This responsibility is highlighted by our zero organization culture, carefully intended to work out some kind of harmony between individual desires and cooperative endeavors. Engaging our chiefs further enhances this ethos, empowering them to explore difficulties with an innovative attitude.





  • 5.5 - KM - Infosys
  • 7.4 - KM - Ruby Hall Clinic
  • 6.1 - KM - Wipro
  • 20 - KM - Pune University
  • 6.9 - KM - IBM
  • 17 - KM - Westend Mall
  • 6.1 - KM - Dmart
  • 11 - KM - Mumbai-Pune Expressway


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