Kohinoor Central Park
Hinjewadi Phase 2, Hinjewadi, Pune

2 & 3 BHK Apartments & 3 BHK Duplex
Rs. 84.9 Lakhs * - 1.48 Cr*
Size : 803 - 1276 Sq.ft.
Updated On : May, 2024
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Tentative Price
2 BHK Luxurious Kohinoor Central Park 4 74.60 On Request 803 0.000 84.9 Lakhs*Onwards
3 BHK Premium Kohinoor Central Park 4 88.72 On Request 955 0.000 1.01 Cr*Onwards
3 BHK Luxurious Kohinoor Central Park 4 100.99 On Request 1087 0.000 1.15 Cr*Onwards
3 BHK Duplex Kohinoor Central Park 4 118.54 On Request 1276 0.000 1.48 Cr*Onwards


Kohinoor Central Park: A Luxurious Oasis in Hinjewadi, Pune



Kohinoor Central Park, located in the vibrant IT hub of Hinjewadi, Pune, is a residential project that promises to redefine urban living. This 25-story architectural marvel offers stunning views of rolling hills and the bustling cityscape, making it an ideal home for modern families and professionals. The project offers expansive open spaces and state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring a harmonious blend of luxury and convenience. Adhering to Vastu principles, Kohinoor Central Park ensures optimal natural light and ventilation, creating a serene living environment amidst lush greenery and abundant recreational areas. Whether you are looking for a 2BHK or a 3BHK apartment, Kohinoor Central Park by Kohinoor Group is the perfect choice for those seeking a tranquil oasis in the heart of urban life.


Location and Surroundings


Prime location in Hinjewadi Pune


Kohinoor Central Park is strategically located in Hinjewadi, Pune, one of the most sought-after residential and commercial areas in the city. Hinjewadi is known for its robust infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and proximity to major IT hubs, making it a preferred choice for homebuyers and investors alike. Conveniently situated within a 5-minute walk from the Dohler Metro station, the project offers unparalleled connectivity to neighboring cities and major highways, facilitating effortless commuting and travel.


Convenient access to highways

Kohinoor Central Park boasts excellent accessibility to major roads and highways, making it inconvenient for residents to commute to different parts of the city and beyond. The Pune-Bangalore Highway is just a short drive away, providing seamless connectivity to other major cities. Additionally, the project is close to key traffic junctions, ensuring smooth travel to and from the area.


Proximity to Major IT Centers


The project's location in Hinjewadi Phase 2 is a significant advantage for professionals working in the IT sector. Major IT companies such as Infosys, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Wipro, and Embassy Quadron are located within a few kilometers, reducing commute times and enhancing work-life balance for residents.


Nearby amenities and landmarks

Kohinoor Central Park surrounds residents with a plethora of amenities and landmarks, ensuring easy access to everything they need. Educational institutions like Ryan International School, Vibgyor School, Mercedes-Benz International School, Blue Ridge School, Akshara International School, and EuroSchool Wakad are located within a short distance, providing excellent schooling options for families. Healthcare facilities such as Swami Samarth Hospital, Ayushree Hospital, CityCare Hospital, Surya Mother and Child Hospital, and Sus Hospital are also nearby, ensuring residents have access to quality medical care.

For shopping and entertainment, residents can visit Grand High Street, Phoenix Market City, DMart Hinjewadi, Vision One Mall, and Reliance Smart, all of which are located within a few kilometers of the project.



About Kohinoor Group

Kohinoor Group has been a leader in Pune’s real estate development sector for over 40 years. Founded in 1983 by Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal, the group initially started as a cement trading business. Over the years, Kohinoor Group has evolved into a renowned name in the real estate industry, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Legacy of Excellence

Under the leadership of Mr. Vineet Goyal and Mr. Rajesh Goyal, Joint Managing Directors of Kohinoor Group, the company has adopted innovative construction practices inspired by Japanese methodologies. This meticulous approach ensures that each project is thoroughly planned before commencing any construction work. Whether it is residential properties or commercial projects, Kohinoor Group prioritizes the needs and wants of its customer base, delivering projects that exceed expectations.


Commitment to Quality

Kohinoor Group’s dedication to quality is evident in every project they undertake. The group employs the latest construction techniques and uses high-quality materials to ensure that their projects stand the test of time. This commitment to excellence has earned them a reputation as one of the most trusted names in Pune’s real estate industry.



Exquisite Architectural Marvels

Apartment types and sizes

Kohinoor Central Park offers a range of apartment types to suit the diverse needs of homebuyers. The project features 2BHK and 3BHK apartments, each designed to provide maximum comfort and luxury. The available apartment types and their sizes are as follows:

2 BHK Luxury: 803 sq. ft.
3 BHK Premium: 955 sq. ft.
3 BHK Luxury: 1087 sq. ft.
3 BHK Duplex: 1276 sq. ft.

Premium Layouts

Each apartment at Kohinoor Central Park Hinjewadi Phase 2 in Pune features premium layouts with two balconies, ensuring ample natural light and ventilation. The layouts are thoughtfully designed to maximize space utilization and provide a clutter-free living environment. Kohinoor Central Park, Pune, incorporates both residential and commercial structures, providing a holistic living experience for its residents.


Benefits of Clutter-Free Living Spaces

Living in a clutter-free environment has numerous benefits, including:

Reduced Stress: A tidy and organized living space can significantly reduce stress levels and create a more relaxed atmosphere.
Increased Productivity: A well-organized home fosters productivity and helps residents stay focused on their tasks.
Enhanced Well-being: Minimalist living spaces promote mental clarity and well-being, allowing residents to enjoy a more balanced and fulfilling life.
With a micromarket price growth of 10% annually, investing in this prime location promises not only a luxurious lifestyle but also substantial returns. Kohinoor Central Park is a sanctuary where comfort, convenience, and investment potential converge seamlessly.



Amenities and Facilities

Overview of Amenities Available to Residents

Kohinoor Central Park by Kohinoor Group offers a wide range of amenities designed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents. These amenities cater to various aspects of modern living, from fitness and recreation to socializing and relaxation.


Recreational Facilities

The project includes several recreational facilities to keep residents active and engaged:

Fitness Center: A state-of-the-art gym equipped with modern exercise equipment.
Swimming Pool: A beautifully designed swimming pool for relaxation and fitness.
Sports Facilities: courts and spaces for various sports activities, including tennis, basketball, and badminton.

Green Spaces and Environment-Friendly Design

Kohinoor Central Park is designed with a focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness. The project features ample green spaces, including landscaped gardens and parks, providing residents with a serene and refreshing environment. The buildings are designed to maximize natural light and ventilation, reducing the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning.

Social and community aspects
The project encourages social interaction and community building through various amenities and spaces:

Clubhouse: A spacious clubhouse with facilities for socializing and recreation.
Outdoor Seating Areas: Comfortable outdoor seating areas for relaxation and socializing.
Children’s Play Area: A safe and fun play area for children to enjoy.
Kohinoor Central Park also includes a multi-purpose hall for hosting events and gatherings, ensuring that residents have ample opportunities to connect with their neighbors and build a strong sense of community.



Sustainability Initiatives

Kohinoor Central Park is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. The project incorporates several green initiatives to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainable living.

Energy Efficiency
The buildings at Kohinoor Central Park are designed to be energy-efficient, with features such as:

Solar Panels: Solar panels are installed on the rooftops to harness renewable energy and reduce the project’s carbon footprint.
Energy-Efficient Lighting: LED lighting is used throughout the project to minimize energy consumption.
Natural Ventilation: The design of the buildings ensures maximum natural ventilation, reducing the need for air conditioning and improving indoor air quality.

Water Conservation
Water conservation is a key focus at Kohinoor Central Park, with several measures in place to reduce water usage and promote sustainable practices:

Rainwater Harvesting: The project includes a rainwater harvesting system to collect and store rainwater for use in landscaping and other non-potable applications.
Water-Efficient Fixtures: Water-efficient fixtures are installed in all apartments to minimize water waste.

Waste Management
Kohinoor Central Park has a comprehensive waste management system to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly and sustainably.

Recycling Facilities: The project includes recycling facilities to encourage residents to segregate and recycle their waste.
Composting: Organic waste is composted on-site to create nutrient-rich compost for use in landscaping and gardening.


Why choose Kohinoor Central Park?

Metro Access
Kohinoor Central Park is located just a 2-minute walk from the Dohler Metro Station, providing residents with easy access to public transportation and reducing their reliance on private vehicles. This strategic location ensures that residents can commute to different parts of the city quickly and conveniently.

IT & Tech Hub
Hinjewadi is one of Pune’s most important IT hubs, housing several major IT companies and tech parks. Living in Kohinoor Central Park means being close to work, reducing commute times, and improving work-life balance. The proximity to IT hubs also makes the project an attractive investment opportunity, with high rental demand from professionals working in the area.

Scenic Hill View
Kohinoor Central Park offers beautiful hill views and open green spaces, providing residents with a serene and peaceful living environment. The project is designed to blend seamlessly with its natural surroundings, creating a harmonious balance between urban living and nature.



Connectivity and infrastructure

Kohinoor Central Park boasts excellent connectivity to major highways, cities, and infrastructure. The project is well connected to the Pune-Bangalore Highway, providing easy access to other major cities. Additionally, the area is well served by public transportation, making it easy for residents to travel to different parts of the city.


Serene Landscapes
The project features breathtaking landscapes designed with meadows and spacious parks, providing residents with ample green spaces to relax and unwind. The landscaping is thoughtfully designed to create a peaceful and tranquil living environment.

Strategic Layouts
The apartments at Kohinoor Central Park are designed for more space, utility, ventilation, and natural light. The layouts are thoughtfully planned to maximize space utilization and create a comfortable living environment.

Plush Amenities
Kohinoor Central Park offers resort-themed, best-in-class amenities for a grand lifestyle. From the fitness center and swimming pool to the clubhouse and outdoor seating areas, every amenity is designed to enhance the living experience of residents.

Lavish Fittings
Experience premium specifications, finishes, and fittings at Kohinoor Central Park. The apartments are designed with high-quality materials and luxurious finishes, ensuring a sophisticated and elegant living environment.



Compare Properties

When considering properties in Hinjewadi, it's essential to compare different projects to find the one that best suits your needs. Here’s how Kohinoor Central Park compares to other properties in the area:

Isle Of Life
Location: Hinjewadi, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune
Apartment Type: Studio Apartments
Amenities: Skating Rink, Swimming Pool, Landscaping and Tree Planting, Jogging Track.

24K Espada
Location: Hinjewadi, Pune
Apartment Type: 4 BHK Row House and 5 BHK Villa
Amenities: Children Play Area, Landscaping and Tree Planting, Jogging Track, Video Door Phone.

Global Inspira
Location: Hinjewadi, Pune
Apartment Type: 2 BHK & 3 BHK Luxurious
Amenities: Swimming Pool, Club House, Club House, Gym, Children Play Area.

Kohinoor Central Park stands out with its prime location, luxurious amenities, and sustainable design, making it the ideal choice for homebuyers and investors looking for a high-quality living experience in Hinjewadi, Pune.




Kohinoor Central Park in Hinjewadi, Pune, is more than just a residential project; it’s a lifestyle choice. With its prime location, luxurious amenities, and commitment to sustainability, it offers a unique living experience that combines the best of urban and natural environments. Whether you are looking for a 2BHK or a 3BHK apartment, Kohinoor Central Park provides a perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and investment potential. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this prestigious community. Explore the layouts at Kohinoor Central Park and find your dream home today.

For more information, visit the Kohinoor Central Park sales office in Pune or contact us to schedule a site visit. Discover the perfect home that meets all your needs and desires at Kohinoor Central Park.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the RERA number of Kohinoor Central Park Hinjewadi?
The RERA number is P52100056358

What types of apartments are available in Kohinoor Central Park Pune?
The project offers 2 BHK, 3 BHK, and 3 BHK Duplex apartments.

What is the size range of the apartments in Kohinoor Central Park?
The apartments range from 803 sq. ft. to 1276 sq. ft.

How many amenities does Kohinoor Central Park Hinjewadi Phase 2 offer?
The project offers north of 55 premium amenities.

Is there a commercial structure within Kohinoor Central Park Hinjewadi Pune?
Indeed, Kohinoor Central Park incorporates both residential and commercial structures.

What are the location advantages of Kohinoor Central Park by Kohinoor Group?
Proximity to IT center points, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment choices.

Who is the developer of Kohinoor Central Park Hinjewadi Pune?
The project is developed by Kohinoor Group.

How many towers and floors does the Kohinoor Central Park Pune have?
The project comprises 12 towers with G+25 floors.

Is Kohinoor Central Park Hinjewadi Phase 2 surrounded by greenery?
Indeed, it is surrounded by the Sahyadri hills and incorporates a rainforest with 1200+ trees.

How is the connectivity from Kohinoor Central Park?
The project is very much associated with a metro station within walking distance and major roads nearby.

Kohinoor Central Park @ Hinjewadi by Kohinoor Group

Property Types

  • 2 BHK - 803 sq. ft.
  • 3 BHK - 1087 sq. ft.
  • 3 BHK Duplex - 1276 sq. ft.

Contact Us

For more information about Kohinoor Central Park, please contact us at:

Email: info@buyindiahomes.com

Phone: +91-8181817136

ABOUT - Kohinoor Group

Kohinoor Group

With a rich heritage spanning more than 40 years in Pune's real estate landscape, the Kohinoor Group has been a transformative power since its inception in 1983 under the leadership of Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal. Initially established as a concrete trading organization, the group has developed into a multi-layered pioneer in the industry. Today, Kohinoor Group's advancement arm boasts an impressive portfolio, having conveyed north of 9 million square feet of extraordinary projects.

The group's strategic focus lies on catering to Pune's mid-segment housing market, driven by significant yearly development. Their five-year plan underscores a steadfast obligation to provide dream homes for mid-segment buyers, addressing the substantial demand-supply gap in this sector. By positioning themselves as a solution to this gap, Kohinoor Group paves the way for additional families to accomplish the fantasy of homeownership.

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  • Proximity to Major IT Center points

Infosys: 1.2 km
Tech Mahindra: 2.3 km
TCS: 2.3 km
Wipro: 5 km
Embassy Quadron: 1 km

  • Educational Institutions

Ryan International School: 260 meters
Vibgyor School: 3.4 km
Mercedes-Benz International School: 4.3 km
Blue Ridge School: 4.8 km
Akshara International School: 5.6 km
EuroSchool Wakad: 5.3 km

  • Healthcare Facilities

Swami Samarth Hospital: 1.8 km
Ayushree Hospital: 3.4 km
CityCare Hospital: 6.3 km
Surya Mother and Child Hospital: 6.4 km
Sus Hospital: 6.5 km

  • Shopping and Entertainment

Grand Highstreet: 3 km
Phoenix Market City: 6.4 km
DMart Hinjawadi: 5 km
Vision One Mall: 6.2 km
Reliance Smart: 4.7 km



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