TOD The Tower Of Dreams
Hinjewadi, Pune

Commercial showrooms & offices
Rs. 38 Lakhs * - 11.67 Cr*
Size : 182 - 2355.034 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
Office TOD The Tower of Dreams Tower C, D & E 3 16.91 On Request 182 0.000 38 Lakhs*Onwards
Office TOD The Tower of Dreams Tower C, D & E 3 132.76 On Request 1429.015 0.000 2.92 Cr*Onwards
Showrooms TOD The Tower of Dreams Tower C, D & E 3 200.58 On Request 2159.023 0.000 10.71 Cr*Onwards
Showrooms TOD The Tower of Dreams Tower C, D & E 3 218.79 On Request 2355.034 0.000 11.67 Cr*Onwards


TOD Tower of Dreams: Unveiling the Gateway to Business Excellence in Hinjewadi

TOD The Tower of Dreams is situated in Hinjewadi Pune, is a symbol of business brilliance that provides a unique blend of modern workspace options and advantageous location. This project, created by the well-known Suratwwala Business Group, breaks new ground in commercial real estate with its creative facilities, careful planning. 

This project offers  all sizes from 182 to 2355 square foot business showrooms and offices that are offered. The project is registered under RERA registration number P52100054055. TOD consists of three towers, towers C, D, and E, with a total of 79 units. This means that there are lots of possibilities for companies wishing to grow in Pune's developing commercial sector. 

This project will be completed in December 2027, covers an area of 2215.65 square meters and is located on 0.55 acres of land. It is situated in the center of Pune's business and IT district, Hinjewadi, guarantees  connectivity and accessibility for both clients and companies. This project gives businesses looking for success in Pune's competitive market  advantages.

Furthermore, with a focus on energy-efficient design and procedures, this project shows a dedication to sustainability. Businesses are placing more value on environmental responsibility, and TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi Pune offers a progressive workplace option that is in line with modern corporations. 

This project is more than simply a commercial structure; it gives companies the chance to improve their operations in innovation and growth. The project has the potential to greatly impact the direction of commercial real estate and Pune develops into a top business destination. 


TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi - Location Advantage

TOD The Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group enjoys the  location advantages. The metro station is nearly 100 meters away, TOD Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group offers accessibility for professionals and connectivity to the heart of the city

For transportation, just 700 meters from the Pune-Bangalore Highway and 10 kilometers from the Pune-Mumbai Expressway.

The project is located near to hotels such as Courtyard By Mariott (500 meters), Hyatt Place (17 kilometers), and Raddison Blu (25 kilometers).

Sanjeevani Hospital is a mere 2.2 kilometers away. The Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park is also just 15 kilometers away, providing businesses at TOD Tower of Dreams with a  strategic advantage.


Architectural Marvel

TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi is a shopping center; it's an architectural wonder whose creative architecture and excellent engineering skills have changed its surroundings. This project is developed by Suratwwala Business Group, the towers C, D, and E. Its unique design features make it stand out and produce a functional workspace.

This project makes the most of natural light to create a light-filled, motivating interior. The organized arrangement promotes teamwork and increases output, showing a dedication to offering companies more than office space. TOD Tower of Dreams is developed by Suratwwala Business Group Hinjewadi Pune's commitment to producing  a visionary workspace that inspires success with its beautiful exterior, modern amenities. 


Amenities and Facilities

This project offers  amenities and features aimed at improving occupant well-being. TOD Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group changes the work experience. An emphasis on environmentally friendly methods is shown by the addition of a sewage treatment plant, an organic waste disposal facility, and rainwater gathering. In addition, a cleaner and more energy-efficient workspace is made possible by the 140-tree planting and solar power plant. 

The tower's interior features include a well-equipped conference room with state-of-the-art technology, an air-conditioned restaurant for pleasant dining, and breakout and recreation areas that promote a well-balanced work atmosphere. Offering an EV charging station  demands of professionals who care about the environment while also keeping up with modern sustainability trends. A warm greeting area and waiting lounge, and plenty of parking spots guarantee convenience for staff members and customers.  TOD Tower of Dreams provides a complete workspace for the worker's well-being. 


Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Tower of Dreams, TOD Hinjewadi Pune is a model of sustainable growth, modern business facilities with environmentally friendly methods. This project is developed by Suratwwala Business Group. In addition to the 140-tree plantation and rainfall collection, the presence of a sewage treatment plant and an organic waste disposal plant highlights proper care of resources. 

Additionally, this project uses a solar power plant, runs on renewable energy and leaves less of a carbon impact. The focus on sustainability fits with international initiatives to develop environmentally friendly offices. By incorporating these eco-friendly efforts into its architecture, TOD Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group offers a business-friendly atmosphere, a standard for responsible and progressive commercial real estate development in Pune. 


Business Opportunities

A variety of business options are offered by TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi Pune, which is strategically located. This project is developed by Suratwwala Business Group, this commercial achievement provides a great canvas for businesses of all kinds with a selection of office spaces ranging from 182 to 2355 sq. ft. Businesses can select spaces that best suit their specific needs from among the 79 units located in the C, D, and E towers. 

The project is close to transportation , such as the Pune-Bangalore Highway and Pune-Mumbai Expressway, which improve accessibility and connection.  With a December 2027 completion date planned. This project offers success in Pune's evolving business environment, encouraging companies to take advantage of the opportunity. 


Future Prospects

  1. Strategic Location: In Hinjewadi, Pune, TOD Tower of Dreams is well situated to provide businesses with an excellent location in the center of the business and IT district of the city. 
  2.  Flexible Office Spaces: With office spaces ranging in size from 182 to 2355 square feet, this building offers companies of all sizes options to meet their specific space needs. 
  3. Three Towers: The project offers three towers - C, D, and E - with a total of 79 units, providing a diverse range of options for businesses.
  4. Connectivity: This project is near to transportation connections, such as the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and the Pune-Bangalore Highway, guarantees easy accessibility and connectivity. 
  5. Proposed Completion: This project will be complete in December 2027.
  6. Total Area and Acreage: With a total area of 2215.65 sq. meters and spanning 0.55 acres, TOD Tower of Dreams Hinjewadi offers a substantial footprint for businesses seeking a significant presence in Pune's competitive market.
  7. Developed by Suratwwala Business Group: This project is developed by Suratwwala Business Group adds assurance of quality.
  8. Future Expansion: This project ensures businesses investing in this commercial space in Hinjewadi can grow with the landscape of Pune.
  9. Sustainability: The project offers sustainable features like sewage treatment plant, organic waste disposal, rainwater harvesting, and a solar power plant.
  10. Innovative Design: This project’s architectural marve and innovative design enhances the workspace environment.



In a nutshell, TOD Tower of Dreams is more than just a retail area; it's a success in Pune's corporate environment. It is developed by Suratwwala Business Group and offers an  environment for businesses  to its creative design, eco-friendly features, and strategic Hinjewadi location.

With flexible office layouts, bright future possibilities, and a dedication to sustainability, this project offers an invitation to businesses to join an atmosphere where success. Businesses choose TOD Tower of Dreams by Suratwwala Business Group  path toward long-term success in Pune's changing business environment. 





ABOUT - Suratwwala Business Group

Suratwwala Business Group Ltd. is at the very front of Pune's land upheaval, creating flexible spaces that rouse development and greatness. With an unflinching obligation to quality and development, we are rethinking the elements of the business. Our organizations and partner affiliations are based on a groundwork of trust and fulfillment, guaranteeing that each task mirrors our commitment flawlessly. From imagining new levels to making unmatched progress, we are driven by the grin on our clients' appearances as their fantasies become fully awake. Go along with us on this excursion as we keep on building trust, rouse greatness, and shape the eventual fate of land in Pune.






  • Metro Station - 100 м
  • Pune-Bangalore Highway - 700M
  • Pune-Mumbai Expressway - 10 KM
  • PCMC Corporation - 11 KM
  • Pune Station - 17 KM
  • Pune Airport  - 23.3KM
  • Courtyard By Mariott - 500 MTR
  • Hyatt Place- 1.7KM
  • Raddison Blu - 2.5KM
  • Persistent - 1.4KM
  • Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park -  1.5KM
  • Sanjeevani Hospital - 1.2KM
  • Lifepoint Multi Speciality - 2.0 KM
  • Ruby Hall Clinic - 3.9 KM
  • Aditya Birla Hospital - 6.0 KM


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