SkyHigh Towers
Hinjewadi, Pune

2 & 4 BHK
Rs. 65 Lakhs * - 1.35 Cr*
Size : 662 - 1376 Sq.ft.
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Type Project/Phase Name Tower Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
Total Carpet area
Basic Carpet area
All Inclusive Price
2 BHK SkyHigh Towers D1, D2 61.50 On Request 662 0.000 65 Lakhs*Onwards
2 BHK SkyHigh Towers D1, D2 63.92 On Request 688 0.000 67 Lakhs*Onwards
4 BHK SkyHigh Towers D1, D2 123.00 On Request 1324 0.000 1.3 Cr*Onwards
4 BHK SkyHigh Towers D1, D2 127.83 On Request 1376 0.000 1.35 Cr*Onwards


SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi: Rising to New Heights in Pune's Property Market

The SkyHigh Towers, situated in Hinjewadi, Pune's growing real estate district, have registered under the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) with the number P52100015918. It ensures transparency and the protection of homebuyers' rights. The anticipated possession date for the project is December 2026.

They cover a total of 783.83 square meters over a carefully planned 0.19-acre plot and show elegant architecture. With two huge towers and 234 apartments overall, this development is revolutionizing modern living in the  Hinjewadi neighborhood.

SkyHigh Towers is developed by Mittal Brothers Pvt. Ltd.  Mittal Brothers brings experience and a track record of creating outstanding residential and commercial spaces to this project, guaranteeing a well-balanced combination of  accessibility and style. 

Behind the data and figures is a dedication to offering a whole living experience. The well-planned tall buildings provide a design that combines modern amenities with environmentally friendly elements. The estimated possession date is December 2026.

We would like to invite you to discover the special features, luxurious living areas, and opportunity of an active neighborhood that awaits homeowners as we set off on this journey into the project's core. Come explore a world where modern design mixes with home comforts and where the Mittal Brothers' history continues to influence Hinjewadi's real estate market.


SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi: Location and Accessibility

 SkyHigh Towers is situated in Hinjewadi, Pune. This project is near major IT hubs, including Infosys, Wipro, TCS, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Cisco, and Quadron. For young professionals and families, this project is near.

Healthcare facilities include Shatayu Hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic, Hinjewadi Hospital, and Life Tree Hospital . The educational institutions  near this project are Blue Ridge Public School, Vibgyor School, Pawar Public School, and Mercedes-Benz School.

The convenience of transportation is evident, with metro stations like Dohler Metro Station, Infosys Metro Station, and Hinjewadi Metro Station facilitating efficient travel. For shopping enthusiasts, Xion Mall, D-Mart Mall, and Grand High Street beckon, offering diverse retail experiences.

Dining and accommodation options are also near this project, with hotels like Mezza 9, Lemon Tree, Courtyard Marriott, and Fortune Inn Exotica. For banking needs, ICICI Bank, Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and SBI Bank.

SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi Pune not only epitomizes luxurious living but also offers accessibility to a lot of  amenities, making it an ideal residential choice for those seeking a well-connected and desirable lifestyle in Pune.


SkyHigh Towers: Architectural Marvel

SkyHigh Towers by Mittal Brothers are architectural wonders that offer Pune's landscape an innovative and attractive design. The towers are designed and crafted, showing the essence of modern living. Designed by Mittal Brothers, the development carefully blends form and function, creating a visually stunning building that blends with the surrounding landscape. The project's unique features include a modern exterior, large glass windows, and modern structural elements for ventilation and sunlight. It also considers the use of sustainable practices as part of its commitment to eco-friendly living.

Modern facilities are used in these two towers of this project. Large living rooms, luxurious finishes, and breath-taking views of the city are all available to residents. Every aspect of the building, from the lobby to the rooftop, has been carefully planned with attention to detail, guaranteeing residents a good living experience.

This project, which reflects modern architecture,  stands out as a residential complex. Its architectural ability is set to permanently transform Pune's skyline, creating a monument that represents elegance and modern life. 


SkyHigh Towers Pune: Amenities and Facilities

SkyHigh Towers by Mittal Brothers has a lot of amenities for the residents. Residents can enjoy a volleyball court, an open gymnasium, and a cycling track. For entertainment, the mini-theatre provides a residence.

The indoor gaming facilities are also offered for the residence in this project. A  designed garden, swimming pool, open gym, and dedicated kids' play space add to the complete living experience.


SkyHigh Towers: 2 and 4 BHK in Hinjewadi Living Spaces

SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi Pune offers a range of 2 and 4 BHK in Hinjewadi at affordable price. The carefully crafted living spaces offer comfort and style, with sizes ranging from 662 to 1376 square feet. Each unit is well designed, showcasing high-end finishes and spacious interiors.

Modern living areas with creative design, modern kitchens, and luxurious bedrooms are all available to residents. Because of the large amount of customizable space, each residence will be able to design their ideal house.

These living areas go beyond traditional expectations, providing an atmosphere where homeowners may relax, host guests, and enjoy the expansive views from their houses. In the center of Hinjewadi, SkyHigh Towers by Mittal Brothers set the standard for a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. 


SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi: Investment Opportunities

An investment opportunity in Pune's  real estate market is SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi. According to Mittal Brothers Pvt. Ltd. projects official Pune reviews, which has possession date on december 2026, presents a chance for investors to get into the growing market of one of pune's most growing IT clusters.

For those hoping to profit from the area's rising real estate values, SkyHigh Towers' advantageous position, close proximity to important IT hubs, and extensive network of amenities make them appealing. Reliability is increased by the developer, Mittal Brothers Pvt. Ltd., who is renowned for their dedication to quality work. 

As the demand for quality residences continues to rise in Hinjewadi, investing in SkyHigh Towers assures residents of a luxurious lifestyle and positions investors for potential capital appreciation. With 234 units spread across two towers, this development represents a prime opportunity for those seeking a smart and forward-looking real estate investment in Pune.


Final Thoughts: Elevating Living Standards with SkyHigh Towers

In conclusion, SkyHigh Towers emerges as the pinnacle of modern living in Hinjewadi, Pune, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, sustainability, and strategic location. The architectural marvel by Mittal Brothers Pvt. Ltd. promises opulent 2 and 4 BHK living spaces, complemented by a host of amenities that foster a vibrant lifestyle. 

With a commitment to green initiatives, the development pioneers eco-conscious living. SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi Pune presents an alluring residence and stands as a lucrative investment opportunity, poised for substantial growth in Pune's dynamic real estate market. Elevate your lifestyle and investment portfolio with SkyHigh Towers—a testament to elevated living in the heart of Hinjewadi.




  • QNA's

Q: What makes living at SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi special?

A: At SkyHigh Towers, each home is designed to blend elegance with comfort. Whether you're looking for a cozy 2 BHK or a spacious 4 BHK, there's something for everyone.

Q: How convenient is the location of SkyHigh Towers?

A: It's super convenient! Situated in Hinjewadi's bustling IT hub, you're close to major companies like Infosys and Wipro. Plus, everything you need for daily life, from schools to hospitals to shopping, is within easy reach.

Q: What fun stuff is there to do at SkyHigh Towers?

A: Loads! You can stay active with volleyball or cycling, take a dip in the pool, or catch a movie in the mini-theater. And there's a dedicated play area for the kids to enjoy too!

Q: Is SkyHigh Towers a good investment?

A: Definitely! With its prime location and reputable developer, it's a smart move. Plus, being a RERA-registered project adds that extra layer of trust.

Q: Why should someone choose SkyHigh Towers Hinjewadi?

A: Because it's not just a place to live; it's a community. With beautiful homes, great amenities, and a promise of quality, it's where you can truly feel at home.

ABOUT - Mittal Brothers

At Mittal Brothers we trust in making homes that mirror the dreams of our clients. With a tradition of greatness and a pledge to conveying excellent quality we have secured ourselves as a confided in name in the land business. Our corporate way of thinking is established in the guiding principle of honesty, development and client centrality. Driven by our central goal to Convey Past Commitment we persistently endeavor to surpass assumptions and set new benchmarks in the business. From fastidiously choosing ideal spots to utilizing state of the art development techniques. We comprehend that a house isn't simply an actual space a safe-haven sustains connections and makes enduring recollections. 





Location Advantages of skyhigh towers :

  • Akshara International School (2.5 Km)
  • Blue Ridge Public School (3.4 Km)
  • Mahindra International School (2.6 Km)
  • Symbiosis Institute of International Business (2.6 Km)
  • Dmart Hinjewadi (2.6 Km)
  • Vision One Mall (3.2 Km)
  • Fountain Market (4.3 Km)
  • Xion Mall (2.6 Km)
  • BB-PUNE-XION MALL (2.6 Km)
  • Pune Junction Railway Station (17.9 Km)
  • Hinjewadi Phata (0.8 Km)
  • Wipro Technologies (0.5 Km)
  • Infosys (1.7 Km)


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